Hi! I am Maricel a passionate personal Chef and Edutainer from Germany specialized in plant-based cuisine. I have quit my job sold everything I owned and traveled thoroughly around the world for 5 years. During that time I have visited 70 countries and territories, flown hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in all sorts of places and taste all kinds of different cuisine. It has turned my life upside down and made me the person I am today. My goal is to inspire you with my lifestyle and scrumptious plant-based dishes that I create to keep myself healthy and energetic. It is imperative to know what we eat and to have our diet back under control in order to thrive and evolve to a better and healthier version of ourself.  My love for creating beautiful and delicious dishes became even more colorful and vibrant after I decided to become vegan. The fact, that of us are not aware about what our foot contains, how it was made, where it comes from and what effect it has environmentally,  is worth a deeper insight about our food consumption. The majority of us are not aware about the fact that what you put in your mouth has a big influence for your body, mind and well-being even though it is logical and meaningful it is still ignored. So many people care more about what kind of gas they put in their cars or what kind of floor they put in their house instead of what they put in themselves to fuel their body. 

© 2016 Sung Studio-4620Food choices, is not about giving up something, it is about finding something better and winning back your rights and freedom of choice, that we don’t even realize we don’t have, because of the way we have been programmed since birth.

During my travels I have collected my favorite recipes in each country from locals, vendors, restaurants and friends all over the world. I got inspired by many different and amazing markets. Everybody has their own cooking technique and you never stop learning. I cook very intuitively and I am not a by the book cook, or a stickler for measurements. My dishes keep changing based on things that im inspired by you can notice that in the posts and recipes over the time. On my regular dinner events you will be spoilt with beautiful vegan­ized fusion food inspired by my travels and experiences focused on healthy sustainable products. And yes, my dishes are great for meat­eaters and picky kids too! I love to keep it healthy and show-casting easy and quick recipes for my clients and guests during my workshops and cooking classes. I am happy to share my know-how and recipes and giving you all the tools and information’s you need in order to get started to become a healthier version of yourself. 

For more travel stories see videos down below because actions speak louder than words. Without  a timetable I simply followed my instincts and feelings and stayed as long as I wanted or left as soon as I wanted. Every country has its beauty but if you ask me about my favorite countries, one of them would definitely be, Nepal. Nepal is full of amazing and loving people that makes you feel, you are at home. I though I would be staying 3 weeks but than ended up living in Nepal for 4 month. You can see a glimpse of my travels in Nepal down below. Another crazy travel experience I will never forget was South Africa, a land full of breathtaking vegetation, wild oceans and regal animals. Never will I forget how magical it was standing in front of approximately 30 elephants playing around the lake surrounded by antelopes, wild pigs, giraffes and birds. It felt like watching national geographic only way better! Here is a short glimpse for South Africa

Come and meet me in one of my workshops or special dinner events! Or let me support and help you with easy and quick recipes through cooking classes, weekly meal preparations or through online life coaching. I would love to spoil you with my dishes and give you tips and tools how to get control back over your diet. Invest in yourself in every aspect of life because you are worth it. You can only give what you have, if you have love for yourself you can love others, if you are healthy you can teach others how to be healthy. I am looking forward to inspire you and take you to my journey of a satisfying, healthy plant-based journey and lifestyle. Love yourself.

I've been to 70 countries!!I visited 257 cities and slept in 315 different places. 

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India, Guatemala, Mexico, Dali (China), ChinaBolivia, Namibia, Bangkok