Valentine Chocolate Workshop Bangkok

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Recap of our Valentine Chocolate Workshop filled with scrumptious treats that you can do easily now by yourself at any time! 😊👍

What we made:
🍫Thin Dark Chocolate Buttons
🍫Caramel Amaranth Chocolate
🍫Goji Hazelnut Chocolate Love
🍫Marzipan Chocolate Truffle
🍫Smooth Original Chocolate Truffle

Thank you for coming it was a blast!!


Valentine Chocolate Workshop

vegan chocolate making

VeganCrush | February 6, 2018 | By


Cant wait to share with you how to make your own chocolate on our next workshop in Bangkok!  Perfect timing for Valentine to surprise your love ones with indulging treats that they cant have enough from. I´ll demonstrate how to make the most indulgent truffles and you’ll then get to roll, dip and coat the chocolate mixture to make your own unique box of truffles to enjoy at home.

For details and booking click here

Cant wait to welcome and share unique and delicious recipes with you!


Chocolate Making Workshop for Valentine

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What an amazing vibe today! Thank you so much for coming. I hope you all got inspired to do your own chocolate now, perfect skill to surprise your love one on Valentine’s day! 😄 🍫🍫 Next Chocolate Workshop coming up soon for Valentine. Keep up at Vegan Crush for details and upcoming events! 

Now available VEGAN CRUSH Food Delivery in Bangkok

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VEGAN CRUSH Food Delivery! Start your new year with HEALTH boosting meals that will keep you ENERGIZED and FIT with always different menus every week created with only natural and fresh ingredients!


By just letting us do the cooking while you only open the fridge and enjoooy!! 🍆🥑🍄🥕🍅

Try it out and receive your delivery every Monday´s with always refreshing and delicious menus and FREE goodie bags!

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What´s your new years resolution? 

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Sometimes we just need a new perspective to get inspired and motivated to keep us fit and energetic! Invest in yourself in every aspect in life because everything starts with you. At my raw food cooking classes i´ll show you how easy it is to create scrumptious dishes that you and your love one´s will absolutely looove! Healthy dishes doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact I assure you that you will be surprised about your abilities to create your own healthy boosting meals with recipes that are quick and require only few ingredients. Let´s do this together! 🙂


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