Supper Club Event with Coconuts Bangkok News!

On our last Supper Club Event we had wonderful guests from Coconuts Bangkok News coming over. It was much fun and we shared a lot of beautiful stories and loughs. We are looking forward having more Supper Club Events in the future to keep spoiling and inspire you with plant-based gourmet courses. Come and join us next time! 🙂 

Read the full article .. Plant-based chef Maricel Lukkanit has not always been vegan. In fact, she went from omnivore to vegan overnight a few years ago after seeing the documentary “Earthlings.”..

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10 Places to eat as a Vegan in Bangkok

Discover my favorite top 10 places to eat as a vegan in Bangkok, Thailand. If you´r vegan and in Thailand than you must read this. 



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Healthy vegan gyoza

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Our Supper Club offers Fusion Cuisine inspired by popular international dishes that has been veganized Supper Club Pictures

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