Raw Food Workshop at Rasayana Retreat Center Bangkok

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Let’s create some scrumptious healthy dishes on our next fun RAW FOOD WORKSHOP coming up soon! We will create some amazing starters, mains and desserts as well as chocolate that will leave you speechless, because it is going to be easy and quick! The menu will be

Raw Luscious Spring Rolls
Broccoli Apple Salad with creamy Cheese Sauce
Curry Sauce on colorful Zoodles
Energy Truffles
Caramel Dark Chocolate
Raw Almond Cookie

And if there is more time left I will share more. If you have any specific interest let us know and I will consider it on the menu. 😉 Cant wait to swing the wooden spoons with you! 😀💚

Click here to book a spot and more details.

Maricel Lukkanit  

Wöchentliche Mahlzeitvorbereitung / Weekly Meal Preparation

Vegan Crush Wöchentliche Mahlzeitvorbereitung (persönlicher Kochservice) mit gesunden und leckeren Gerichten!
In 4 einfachen Schritten!
1. Du erhaltest ein persönlich abgestimmtes Menü
2. Ich kümmere mich um den Einkauf
3. Koche die Mahlzeiten
4. Verlasse Deine Küche sauber und den Kühlschrank voll mit leckeren Gerichten!
Alles was noch zu tun bleibt, ist den Kühlschrank öffnen und genießen! Vereinbare ein kostenloses Beratungsgespräch um mehr zu erfahren und die beste Option für Dich zu finden. 
Health Boosting Meals that will keep you satisfied and energized!

Take control back over your diet without any grocery shopping, cooking or even thinking about food! But you will exactly know what you eat and you will follow your goals at the same time!

Vegan Crush Weekly tailored Meal Preparation (Personal Chef Service)

In 4 SIMPLE & EASY steps.
1. I create a tailored menu for you based on your preferences.
2. I do the grocery.
3. Cook the meals at your kitchen.
4. Leave your kitchen clean and your fridge full with delicious items for the week.

All you have to do is open the fridge and enjoy. Try it out for a week and resume or pause anytime. (online consultation available)

Schedule a free consultation to go through details and to see what option is best for you.

Maricel Lukkanit persönlicher Kochservice

persönlicher Kochservice


Raw Food Workshop Bangkok at Rasayana Retreat Center

VEGAN CRUSH food workshop

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Let’s create some scrumptious healthy dishes on our next fun RAW FOOD WORKSHOP coming up soon! This will be the last Vegan Crush Workshop in BANGKOK for a while, so I hope to get to see as many of you as possible! We will create some amazing starters, mains and desserts as well as chocolate that will leave you speechless, because it is going to be easy and quick!  Cant wait to swing the wooden spoons with you!  


Raw Chocolate Workshop at Rasayana Retreat Bangkok

VeganCrush | July 7, 2017 | By

Yay another scrumptious Chocolate Workshop coming up soon next Saturday, 15th of July! Still dont know how to do scrumptious raw chocolate? This is a skill that you never want to miss anymore. We will create 4 different chocolate that you and your family will love and we will EAT and do enough chocolate to take home. And the best part is, it is created with superfoods that will help us to thrive and get this glow going. Oh by the way we will also create some amazing raw Marzipan that is usually not available in Bangkok but too good to be undiscovered! Sooo excited! See you soon.  

Vegan Dark Chocolate and Marzipan

Healthy, vegan chocolate, plant-based

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Chocolate Truffles and Marzipan DYI. Sweet Seduction! Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffle with Puffed Amaranth, Chili Chocolate, Chunky Nut Bar and Marzipan Dark Chocolate 💚 Learn how to create your own and healthier version of chocolate with me! I will give you easy tips and tools how to create scrumptious chocolate and you wont want any other chocolate anymore! Most of the chocolate that you can find in supermarkets are made with fat that are hydrogenated that means that liquid vegetable oil is turned into solid fat which are detrimental to your health. Besides of that it contains refined sugar. This means that the sugar cane juice is processed and heated to crystalize, and is then filtered and bleached with bone char, which results in sugar’s pristine white colour. So many products that seem to be vegan at first, could be not, if it does contain sugar, it might be sugar that was bleached with bone char. To avoid that just do it yourself with really easy recipes and tools that I can give you! Have your diet under control and get in touch for a free consultation or simply reach out if you have any questions. I am very happy to show and teach you how to create scrumptious sweets and also meals that will leave you satisfied and happy! 😀

plant-based, chocolate, filled

Marzipan is very typical in Germany and usually made with egg yolk and lots of sugar. Doing it yourself you only need two ingredients to make your own healthy version and soooo delicious Marzipan. I use almond meal and maple sirup combine it well together either with a food processor or simply with a spoon or your hand and add in a pinch of himalayan salt tadaaa! Now what you can do is place in a mold or shape it into a ball and leave in the fridge. It is delicious as it is but you can enjoy it with chocolate too! All you need for the chocolate is cacao butter or coconut oil combine it with raw cocoa powder, carob powder, maple sirup and a pinch of salt. In a mold pour in the chocolate and add the hand shaped marzipan. Place in the freezer for 30min and enjoy! 🙂

filled plant-based chocolate, caramel

Caramel Chocolate with puffed Amaranth is probably one of my favourite chocolate that I often prepare for clients and friends. You can use the same ingredients like mentioned above but before you pour in the chocolate, first add some puffed amaranth or puffed quinoa would also work. Now add the chocolate and on top gently add some coconut nectar. Chill for 30min and enjoy! 🙂 The chocolate will last up to 3 weeks in the fridge. For more inspiration and recipes