As an edutainer and personal chef specialized in plant-based cuisine I am available for raw food workshops, cooking classes, and special gourmet dinner events as well as tailored meal preparation. My dishes are unique fusions of different cuisine and originals inspired by my travel know-how of 5 years through over 70 countries.

My workshops and cooking classes are fun, creative and educating platform focus on healthy, delicious and easy to prepare meals that thrive individuals to be conscious and aware of food choices.

It is imperative and valuable to know what we eat and to have our diet back under control in order to thrive and evolve to a better and healthier version of ourself.  My love for creating beautiful and delicious dishes has very quickly expanded into an active passion after I personally decided to change my diet and become vegan.

Most of the myth and questions are what can you eat besides salads and fruits? Aren’t you missing vitamins and protein? It is a huge misconception and through VEGAN CRUSH events you will experience and have the opportunity to taste, learn and smell being integrated with all your senses to understand what it can be, and how it is made. That is what Vegan Crush services stands for. We offer raw food workshops, cooking classes, and special gourmet dinner events as well as tailored meal preparation (personal chef service). It covers varieties of plant-based cuisine that provides everything from the following.

Raw Plant-Based Cuisine:

Demonstration of how to start eating raw and implementing more raw food to one’s died by recipes created to reveal the potential of raw products that is available and adaptable regardless where one is.

Whole Plant-Based Cuisine:

Dishes to integrate and create that don’t require many ingredients and time by only using unprocessed nurturing whole plant-based products.

Transitioning Plant-Based Cuisine:

Food that helps people to understand that plant-based dishes can have textures like meat using seitan, tempeh, legumes etc. and that it has a bigger potential than one might think for example by using nuts as the base for creating authentic cheese alternatives.

Gourmet Plant-based Cuisine:

Special Dinner Events where one can experience gourmet fusion plant-based cuisine inspired by famous international dishes.

The majority lack of knowledge about what foot contains, how it was made, where it come from and what effect it has in our body and environmentally, is worth a deeper insight to create the freedom of choice for oneself. If you are not aware you are only going to continue to do what you have been told or what you use to do, but ones you understand certain facts you can make your own decision. Many people care more about what kind of gas they put in their cars or what kind of floor they put in their houses instead of what they put in themselves to fuel their body. See it as an investment for yourself by only buying ingredients that support your body, mind, and soul and you won’t have to pay for medicine or hospitals later on in life. 

© 2016 Sung Studio-4620Food choices is not about giving up something, it is truly about finding something better and winning back your rights and freedom of choice. 

I cook very intuitively and I am not a by the book cook, or a stickler for measurements. My dishes keep changing based on things that im inspired by, you can notice that in the posts and recipes over the time. On my special dinner events you will be spoilt with unique fusion food inspired by favorite international cuisine, that will surprise your taste buds! And yes, my dishes are great for meat­eaters and picky kids too! I love to keep it healthy, easy and quick without feeling a bit deprived.

For travel stories see videos down below just because actions speak louder than words. Every country has its beauty but if you ask me about my favorite countries, one of them would definitely be Nepal. Nepal is full of amazing and loving people, making you feel at home all the time. I though I would be staying 3 weeks but ended up living in Nepal for 4 months. Another crazy travel experience I will never forget was South Africa, a land full of breathtaking vegetation, wild oceans, and regal animals. Never will I forget how magical it was standing in front of approximately 30 elephants playing around the lake surrounded by antelopes, wild pigs, giraffes, and birds. It felt like watching national geographic only wayyy better! Here is a short glimpse of the experience in South Africa

Come and meet me at one of my upcoming food workshops or special dinner events! And let me support you through food delivery that is now available in Bangkok! Invest in yourself in every aspect of life because everything starts with you. Warmth and Love.


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