Forget what you know

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Imagine you live in a movie and the writer of the movie is now you. Most of your life has not been written by yourself but by many different authors. It’s time to write your own book. Forget everything that you thought existed for a moment and be like a newborn baby. You have the control of every belief that you allow yourself to have. We have been told that we can’t be certain ways like feeling young and vibrant when we grow old for example. Even the word “old” has this image that old means being sick. That’s not true. Our society shows that being sick is normal. It is part of our programming. You can stay fit, healthy, and young no matter how old you are. I know this may sound like a dream, it sounds unreal, doesn’t it? That’s because we’ve been fooled and we’ve been fooled so much that we can’t even embrace our true potential.

Our food is produced not to make us healthy, it is produced to make money and therefore it makes us sick. It is sad to know that the people in control are destroying people to achieve something that will only destroy themselves at the end. Cause you can’t ever be well if your people aren’t well. It’s just an illusion to think that you have it all while the rest don’t. We can truly only be whole once everyone is whole. And this starts by changing the way we nurture ourselves. This is the first fog we need to clear to see clearly and to realize that the only thing we need is us, the only thing that can rescue and heal you is you. You have the power and potential to do so.

We live on an abundant planet.

Keep an open mind. Only because you don’t understand now doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. There was once a time when you did not have the beliefs that you have right now and the only thing that happened was you allowed that thing to be part of your belief system. Educate yourself and never stop questioning. We are meant to be here to take care of each other, to support each other and to share our gifts and thrive on the passion and love from each other.

Never forget that, because one day it will be like that again and if you understand, start right now with yourself and strive to be the best version so you can be an example for other people. And; that is, the only way we can get there.

4 Tips on how to actively change your conditioned belief.


8 Tips on how to start a vegan diet

8 tips on how to start a vegan diet

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How to start a vegan diet

Love for animals and the environment – the decision to live a vegan lifestyle is often an ethical one. With the proper guidance and attitude, transitioning to a vegan diet is not only possible, but also quite simple. Here you will find helpful tips for transitioning to a vegan diet.

1. Find out about vegan options of your favorite foods or ingredients that you use to eat very often

If you use dairy products, such as milk in coffee or cereal, there are many vegan milk alternatives. You only need to figure out which ones taste the best to you and use them in the preparation of your meals. As with conventional foods, there will be products that you enjoy and those that you do not. Keep your eyes open for food products and have fun trying new things.

2. Cook veganized recipes of dishes that you love

The best way to understand vegan food is to cook it by yourself. You will notice very quickly that there are ingredients you have never heard or tasted before and if you are like me, you want to try them all. Be curious and don’t be afraid to try out something new. Also if the recipe doesn’t turn out well in the beginning or if you didn’t like the taste don’t be discouraged, it is all about exploring and understanding a new diet. 

3. Try and explore different vegan dishes

​I often notice that people who are not vegan mainly think that it is quite difficult to be on a vegan diet, especially while traveling. That is because their focus is not tuned to vegan food. They could be eating meals or a snacks that is vegan but they wouldn’t notice, just because the awareness is not present. On a vegan diet you will quickly see the availabilities and depending in which city you live you may have a lot of vegan restaurants to go to. It is super exciting to explore restaurants which are dedicated to offer vegan meals, it will open up your mind to a complete new cuisine and you will understand that vegan food is everything but depriving.

4. Ingredient labeling and what it means

In the beginning it can be quite overwhelming with all the new information that you are acquiring. Going to the supermarket can take a bit longer than usual but it is all worth it. If you don’t understand anything don’t leave it that way. Find out what it means and understand what it is. I promise you, there are going to be products where you will be quite surprised about what it is made of. And this will once again encourage you to be more conscious of your food choices.

5. Be patient and allow your taste buds and body to adapt gradually

Depending on how your diet was before, your body can react in different ways. Stay curious and keep finding information that answer your questions. There are many other people in your situation who share the same experience and been through different stages on a vegan diet. Understand what they have done and reach out to like minded people through FB groups or other channels for support. You don’t have to do this alone.

6. Keep educating yourself

There will be a time where you’ll think why am I doing all this? It can be easy to forget why you choose this path in the first place, and facts can start blurring and fading. This is why it is very important to keep educating yourself, especially in the beginning. There is so much to know, and you will be thankful for your efforts. Because only when you know you truly have the freedom of choice.

7. Invest in yourself

You can encounter this new journey all by yourself but it is more fun if you actually reach out for inspiration and help from professionals. Attend a vegan cooking class and learn how to create vegan dishes. Reach out to people you admire and ask for mentorship. You will be surprised how many are more than happy to assist and support. ​If I can be of any help, let me know​!

8. Take small steps

Some people stop before they even get started. One reason could be that they have taken on too much in the beginning. First of all, it is amazing that you choose to be conscious of your diet and that you are confident and determined to take responsibility and action to better your health and the planet. It is a huge change and every single cell in your body needs time to adapt to a new environment. Don’t be too focused on the wording veganism and what the do’s and don’ts are. There is no vegan police behind your back. And most importantly it is not about being vegan it is more about the awareness that enriches you along the way. With these helpful hints and the right motivation, you are well prepared to begin your conscious healthy lifestyle journey.

Do you want support? Then contact me. Use this contact form. I would love to support you with vegan cooking classes and a weekly meal-prep service.



Food Vibration

high and low vibration

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Food Vibration is an important factor and impacts our overall well-being, the environment, our community and the planet. The way your food has been processed is not only a matter of health on the physical level but also on the vibration level. Everything you see including yourself, is made out of energy and therefore has vibration which influences your frequency.

It’s like if your turning on the radio to find your preferred song you have to tune in to the right frequency first, before you can enjoy the music. The same thing applies to food. I am splitting it into two categories. Low and high vibration. Low vibration is the state of negative qualities and high vibration is the state of positive qualities. In order to raise your vibration you have to tune yourself into the right frequency by choosing high vibration food. I am sharing more details on the following videos in two separate parts. Sending you good vibrations. 

Vegan Essen in Kerala – Indien

vegan in kerala

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Vegan Essen in Kerala – Indien

Ganz Indien ist ein Vegetarier Paradies und schon allein deshalb ein Land das bereist werden muss. Man wird hier nicht nur von verschiedenen Gewürzen und Aromen bezaubert sondern auch durch Yoga und Meditation spirituell und mental inspiriert.

Diesmal zieht es mich nach Kerala in den südlichen Teil von Indien. Kerala bedeutet wörtlich übersetzt: Land der Kokospalmen. Und ja; sie stehen an jeder Ecke und sind wahnsinnig günstig und eine willkommene Abkühlung! Man bekommt eine Kokosnuss für nur 30 Ringgit umgerechnet ca. 40 Cent. Die Landschaft Keralas ist vor allem durch seine Kokospalmen Wälder an den Stränden, die großen Gewürz- und Teeplantagen im Hochland sowie das üppige Grün geprägt. Schon seit Ewigkeiten ist Kerala ein wichtiges Handelszentrum für Gewürze. Die Prinzipien der ayurvedischen Ernährung hatten in dieser Gegend einen geltenden Einfluss auf die lokale Küche. Dabei nehmen Reis und Tapioka eine wichtige Rolle ein. Währenddessen ernähren sich die Nambudiri, einer von Keralas Religionsgemeinschaften, streng vegan und vermeiden auch Knoblauch, Zwiebeln und Ingwer. Typisch bei ihnen ist das Gericht Muttokos Thoran (gebratener Kohl). Die Muslime in Kerala essen sehr gerne dünnes, flaches Chapati (indischen Fladenbrot). Es beinhaltet lediglich Vollkornmehl, Wasser und Salz und wird anschließend in selbstgemachter Kokosnussmilch eingetaucht und genossen. Kerala ist ein bunt gemischtes Volk aus verschiedenen Religionen, Kulturen und Lebensstile. Die Ernährung ist meist sehr einfach. Der Tag fängt mit Yoga und Meditation an gefolgt mit einem Kokosnuss Öl Bad. Zum Frühstück gibt es Idli (gedämpfter Kokosnuss Reis Kuchen) mit Kokosnuss Chutney, Appam (gedämpfter Reis Pfannkuchen) oder Putr (Reis mit Kokosnussraspeln). Egal ob vegan oder nicht vegan, Reis ist Grundlage aller Gerichte. Curries werden von eigenen Gärten angebauten Produkten wie Tapioka, Tomaten, Aubergine, Kräuter und Gewürze hergestellt. Generell wird 3 Mal täglich warm gegessen. Am Morgen werden gern aus Reismehl und Kokosnuss gedämpfte oder gebackene Sattmacher wie die obligatorische Dosa, oder Appam, Uttapam oder Idli mit einem Currygericht sowie den Standards Sambar (Süßlich sauer und scharfem Gemüsecurry mit Linsen) und Kokos-Chutney kombiniert. Achte lediglich darauf ob Ghee (Butterschmalz) in den Gerichten vorhanden sind.

vegan in kerala

Zu Mittag ist es Zeit für eine Thali-Platte. Auf einer Metallschale oder klassisch einem Bananenblatt werden um eine grosse Portion Reis herum verschiedene Currys wie Thoran, Vadas und Chutneys angeboten. Für die cremige konsistenz wird meist Kokosnussmilch verwendet und zum anbraten Kokosnuss Öl. Vermeide das Gericht Aviyal (enthält Yoghurt), Kichadi (Gurken Yoghurt Salad), Kaalan (Yoghurt Curry). Gerichte mit einer sehr cremigen konsistenz beinhalten meistens Joghurt oder Milch. Falls man sich nicht sicher sein sollte einfach nochmal den Kellner fragen, die meisten gute Englischkenntnisse haben. Der Kellner schenkt von allem so lange nach bis man abwinkt. Am Abend werden dann zu den Currys oft Fladenbrote (Chapati, Parota, Roti) bevorzugt. Auf das stets angebotene offene Wasser sollte man verzichten und ausschließlich auf abgefüllte und versiegelte Flaschen oder frische Kokosnuss Wasser zurückgreifen.

vegan in kerala

Alle Gerichte nehmen die Einheimischen in Verbindung mit einer Portion Reis oder diversen anderen Beilagen grundsätzlich auf die authentischste Art zu sich – ohne Besteck, lediglich mit der rechten Hand. Einfach mal ausprobieren! An jeder, auch der einfachsten Küche am Rande des Weges wirst Du immer eine Möglichkeit zum Händewaschen finden. Doch wenn Du, wie viele Inder ohne Besteck isst, führe Speisen mit der rechten Hand zu Dir, da die linke Hand als unrein angesehen wird. Wer es gerne süß mag, kann in Kerala das beliebte Keer oder Kadalaparippu Payasam ausprobieren. Aus Kichererbsen, Kokosnuss Creme, Jaggery (unraffinierter Rohrzucker) und gemahlenem Kardamom wird hier ein süßer, cremiger Brei kreiert und mit gerösteten Kokosraspeln, Cashewkernen und Rosinen garniert. Das ganze schmeckt sehr mild und einfach nur köstlich! Neben den typischen lokalen Nachspeisen bevorzuge ich die reiche Auswahl an Früchten die überall nicht zu übersehen sind.

Kerala ist reich an noch unberührter Natur und voll mit tropischen Früchten die entdeckt werden sollten! Mit dem Auto durch die Landstraßen zu fahren kann nur eines bedeuten: Viele kleine Pausen. 🙂 Das üppige Grün und die prachtvolle Landschaft lädt oft dazu ein, eine kurze Pause zu machen und Rosenapfel, Kakaofrüchte, Mangos und vieles mehr direkt vom Baum zu pflücken und zu genießen. Ein Traum für jeden Gärtner und für jeden der die Natur genießt! Die Menschen sind sehr gastfreundlich und wenn man Glück hat, wird man zum Essen eingeladen und kann die herkömmlich traditionelle Küche probieren. Die hohe Bildungs- und Lebensrate macht Kerala so einzigartig, weil es eines der reichsten Staaten Indiens ist. Wegen eigene Gärten und dadurch Eigenanbau an Wurzelgemüse, Bananen und Kräutern ist die hohe Lebensrate kein Wunder!

vegan in kerala

Trinken ist in heißem Klima noch wichtiger als Essen. Inder begnügen sich mit Wasser, das ungefragt an jedem Tisch serviert wird. Ich empfehle stattdessen unbedingt stilles Mineralwasser, das man in Flaschen mit Originalverschluss kaufen kann. In kleineren Orten ist Mineralwasser etwas schwieriger zu bekommen, da ist meistens eine frisch geöffnete Kokosnuss die bessere durststillende Option.

Wer sich um Sicherheit auf Reisen durch Indien sorgt, der sollte mit Kerala anfangen. Hier ist zwar alles ein klein wenig teurer als im restlichen Indien, dafür gibt es nicht so extreme Armut. Das Bildungssystem ist besser als anderswo, die Menschen sprechen gutes Englisch, die meisten können lesen und schreiben. Nirgendwo anders in Indien sieht man so viele Menschen Zeitung lesen. Frauen haben mehr Rechte und man sieht viel mehr von ihnen auf der Straße als in anderen Landesteilen. Das macht es vor allem für allein reisende Frauen sehr leicht, ich habe mich in keinem anderen Teil Indiens so willkommen und sicher gefühlt wie hier.

Eine Reise nach Kerala wäre nicht komplett ohne eine traditionelle Kathakali Theater gesehen zu haben. Als Frauen verkleidete Männer mit froschgrün geschminkte Gesichtern, stählernen Fingernägeln und enormen Hüten rollen die Augen. Und erzählen nur mit Gesichts Pantomime und Musik ganze Geschichten. Die Augenbewegungen lernen die Tänzer 8 Jahre in speziellen Schulen. Übrigens empfehle ich unbedingt das “Vegane Passport” ein kleines Heft mit einer kurzen detaillierten Erklärung was Vegan bedeutet in über 70 Sprachen. Dies kann sehr hilfreich sein vor allem wenn man länger auf Reisen ist und Hände und Füße nicht mehr auslangen.

Kerala hat viel mehr zu bieten als Kokosnüsse! Die historische Kultur sowie die üppige Natur hat mich sehr beeindruckt und überrascht. Die Gastfreundlichkeit der Menschen sowie deren Nächstenliebe hat mich berührt. Kerala hat ein Teil meines Herzens gewonnen und ich weiss jetzt schon, dass dies nicht das letzte Mal für mich in Kerala gewesen ist.

10 Places to eat as a Vegan in Bangkok

Must visit 10 Places to Eat as a Vegan

When in Bangkok you have to try these top vegan food places

Vegan Supper Club Dinner 

Enjoy a vegan gourmet dinner in Bangkok served at the chef’s home. Supper Clubs are unique dining events and very popular in Europe – a cross between a dinner party and a restaurant. The only difference between this dinner and an expensive high street establishment is that you dine in the relaxed, informal atmosphere of the dining room at the chef’s home and you meet amazing people from all walks of life. The menu contains 5 gourmet courses and can be originals or a fusion inspired by different recipes and cuisine all over there world which has been veganized. On the website you will see pictures of the past events and get an idea of what kind of food is served. This event is for adventurous foodies and takes place one´s to twice a month. It is not only a dinner but a unique experience where you will go home with a story. The location varies and you’ll get the exact direction with your booking confirmation. 

OPEN: 1-2 times a month starting from 7pm 

Direc­tions // Face­book

Veganerie Bakery

Owned by a few vegan activists Veganerie is definitely one of my favorite places to go if I feel like having something sweet, it’s the ultimate vegan foodporn place. They use less sugar to boot, Gluten-free products, such as the strawberry and kiwi shortcake, are also available. My favorite is the strawberry cheesecake parfait and the brownie with banana ice cream which is more than delicious! A vegan cake and sweet tooth paradise, that is for sure, and one you should absolutely have on your list. They also recently opened up another store close to Phrom Phong BTS Station just behind Bejansiri Park. Don’t leave without getting some cake to go for the next morning. 

OPEN: 10:00am-09:00pm

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May Veggie Vegan Restaurant 

Fully vegan restaurant in Bangkok conveniently located close to the intersection with Sukhumvit, just a few minutes from Asok BTS and Sukhumvit MRT station. I have been here many times and it has become one of my favorite places to go to in Bangkok. Some of the dishes I sampled and enjoyed were Masaman Curry, Fried Fish, tofu larb (a spicy and soupy minced tofu with pounded rice and Thai herbs, a classic you shouldn’t leave Thailand without tasting!), grilled vegan bacon-wrapped mushrooms and all of the burgers. On top of that, they have an excellent selection of vegan ice cream that is simply to die for – the Thai tea is my absolute my favorite.

OPEN: daily, 11am – 10pm

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May Kaidee Vegetarian Restaurant 

Located on a quiet leafy street just behind the Burger King on Tanao Road, May Kaidee is easy to spot. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is laid back and breezy. Some of the food I tried was Panang Curry, Fresh spring rolls, Tom Kha soup (spicy and sour soup with lots of coconut milk), Pad Thai, and Sticky rice with Mango and it all was delicious! They also have a buffet every Saturday and a cooking school. Even non-vegans are bound to fall in love with the dishes served at the place simply because of their fabulous and exceptional taste. The fruit shakes of the restaurant are believed to be the tastiest, thickest, and richest in the whole of Bangkok.

OPEN: daily, 9am – 10pm

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Na Aroon Vegetarian Restaurant with Luxury Hotel 

Na Aroon is very surprising not only for its hidden location at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 1, but also for the delightful array of organic Thai vegan choices. The atmosphere was really relaxed and romantic around the swimming pool. Na Aroon specializes in Thai cuisine and serves mostly vegetarian food with some seafood and uses only organic produce, and does not use MSG, food coloring, or preservatives. Menu winners include Massaman curry with tofu which is my absolute favorite and I have to say I have never had such a good version of Massaman Curry. The staff is very courteous and super sweet and friendly. The owner is usually present and making sure that everyone is satisfied. I highly recommend this place for families, couples or singles it is just a perfect place to relax. It feels like you are miles away from the noise and bustle of Bangkok. 

OPEN: daily, 6:30am – 10:30pm 

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Theera healthy bake room coffee Shop

Theera Coffee Shop is a nice and stylish place just a few minute’s walk from Ekkamai BTS (exit 2). Good selection of healthy conscious vegan desserts and lunch. They serve up a regularly rotating range of baked treats that are guaranteed to be gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free. The owner is really friendly and always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

OPEN: daily, 10am – 7pm


Anotai Vegetarian Restaurant

Hidden in an unassuming complex near Rama 9 Hospital, it’s easy to dismiss Anotai from the outside, but step inside and you’ll find this healthy vegetarian restaurant. The décor and the atmosphere reflect its multiple personalities: a handful of dark wood tables and chairs, pale yellow walls and dim yellow lighting, a café-like cake display, and a Chinese arch that leads to a wooden staircase lined with jars of herbs and spices. The menu list contains a good choice of vegan dishes with great light and healthy Thai dishes, along with organic salads, pasta neatly prepared on artistic plates. Also popular are Anotai’s massive selection of healthy herbal teas. The Ingredients are 100% organic, many grown on the owner’s vegetable plot outside of Bangkok. 

OPEN: 10am – 9pm (closed on Wednesdays)

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Rasayana Raw Vegan Food Café and Retreat

The food at Rasayana Retreat is quite simply mind-blowingly and in my opinion the best vegan raw food restaurant in town. You walk into the cafe and you are surrounded by gardens and sweet lustful music in the background. It is strictly vegan and everything is just so alive, not to mention tasty and the food looks so beautiful when it arrives that it almost feels sinful to eat it. Menu items include Thai pasta, where the noodles are made from strips of coconut flesh and zucchini, and eggplant lasagna, made with marinated eggplant, zucchini, marinara, and avocado sauce. You can even get a raw burger here, made from sunflower seeds, olive oil, shoyu, flax seeds, mushroom, onion, garlic, and celery, and plenty of salads, soups, and healthy desserts on the menu as well. The food is fresh, full of flavor, and leaves you with energized feelings. Rasayana also has some yummy raw snacks for sale like Macadamia Nut Bread, Raw Brownies, Raw Donuts, Beetroot Cookies, and Seed Bars, so stock up while you’re there!

OPEN: daily, 9am – 9pm 

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Reflect Restaurant at Bangkok Tree House

Another place to eat as a vegan in Bangkok is this eco-resort which is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River in what is dubbed “The Green Lungs of Bangkok”. The cute restaurant is built in harmony with nature out of bamboo on a raised platform affording beautiful views of the nearby jungle. The Bangkok Tree House is 200 meters from the ferry dock. Reflect has a separate vegetarian menu showcasing local organic ingredients and several vegan options such as a spicy summer watermelon salad, tofu larb cakes on lemongrass sticks, and mango sticky rice, all presented delightfully. The menu follows the seasons with daily changes as fresh produce becomes available from local fruit orchards and artisan dessert makers. A great hangout place to chat even under the morning sun when Thailand is experiencing chillier weather. Here is a quick video about my day trip to Bang Krachao and my visit to the Tree House Restaurant.

OPEN: 8am – 6pm (8pm on weekends)

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All You Can Eat Fruit Buffet at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

If you are a fruit lover like me, this one is not to be missed. Located in the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest building in Thailand on the 18th floor where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. For 350 Baht you can enjoy fresh fruit as much as you like, including durian, mangosteen, mangoes, dragon fruit, longan, papaya, rambutans, coconut, pineapple, watermelon, tamarind, guava, etc. There is also a selection of candied fruit, pickled fruit, fruit juice, mango sticky rice, sorbet, and even a chocolate fountain. I just stuck with the fresh raw fruit and ate a whole lot of it.

OPEN: daily, 9am – 9pm