Vegan Crush Travels | Guatemala | Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is my favorite city of all central american countries. If you never been to south or central america and would like to travel there but don’t know where? Go to Antigua Guatemala! Before I got there I´ve been traveling the whole southern and central american part and ones I got to this place I thought this place has a little bit of every latin american country combined in this city. You really can save the most part of central america and get the best of the best right there. Beginning of the endless churches on every corner, to traditional clothes and markets. This place is beautiful and a perfect place to relax and just dream away! 

Vegan Crush Travels | China | Yunnan | Dali

Dali is one of my favorite place in China. I´ve stayed there 5 month and actually planned to stay only few days but that’s how it´s always been with my journey. I like to be flexible and spontaneous, that’s how you get to know places, culture and the people the most! Dali is a small village with a beautiful old town surrounded by walls. People here are even friendlier and seem to be more relaxed and open-minded.  Vegan food is available as well and they even have several vegan restaurants, vegan street foods and many local vegan sweets and snacks.  

Vegan Crush Travels | Worldwide

Here you go! I finally made the first travel video for you guys to show you a glimpse of where I´ve been and what I´ve seen on my journey. I really hope you enjoy and like it as much as I do!


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