Philippine Beaches Video

My favorite beaches are in the Philippines. Specially Palawan has many beautiful isolated beaches. On this Video you´ll see El Nido which is a very lade back place where you can dream away! You will also see Boracay, Coron and Puerto Galera. 

Mexio Travels

Mexico! First thing I have in mind is breath-taking white beaches and turquoise water! Have a look and enjoy! 

Vegan Food in India

Taste of India

India is a land of contradictions. Before we came to India, we heard all kinds of stories, both good and bad. Either you love it or you hate it! The first step into India was walking from Nepal to the Indian border, and I definitely saw changes immediately.

It became more crowded and crazy, like suddenly all kinds of animals were walking on the streets, I didn’t even know where they came from. Let the journey begin! It was May and we weren’t very lucky with the season as it was the hottest time of the year. I had felt the heat in Nepal, but in Rajasthan it was even worse. To be continued…

South Africa Travels

South Africa is absolutely one of the most beautiful places on earth I ever been. One reason is the fact that its full with wonderful animals and I am totally crazy about animals. Another reason is the wonderful landscape and nature. I really fell in love with this country. I spend 3 month in South Africa and thought about living there. I even started applying for jobs in Cape Town but I´ve decided to moved on and continued my journey. ❤

Vegan Crush Travels | Guatemala | Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is my favorite city of all central american countries. If you never been to south or central america and would like to travel there but don’t know where? Go to Antigua Guatemala! Before I got there I´ve been traveling the whole southern and central american part and ones I got to this place I thought this place has a little bit of every latin american country combined in this city. You really can save the most part of central america and get the best of the best right there. Beginning of the endless churches on every corner, to traditional clothes and markets. This place is beautiful and a perfect place to relax and just dream away!