Recipe Feature at WELTVEGAN German Magazine

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Yay die neue Ausgabe von WELTVEGAN Magazin ist draußen mit unglaublich vielen tollen Informationen und seeehr hilfreichen und super leckeren Rezepten! Hier findet ihr auch eines meiner lieblings Vegan Crush Pralinen Rezepte mit Walnuss Karamell schnell und einfach zum selber machen.

und das Magazin ist auch bequem im digitalen Format zu erhalten.

Viel Spaß beim ausprobieren! 🌺


Yay the new edition of WELTVEGAN Magazine is out with plenty of quite interesting and inspiring information and lots of suuuper delicious recipes! You will also find my favorite Vegan Crush walnut caramel praline recipe which is quick and eeeasy to make!

The magazine is also available in english digital version over here. Enjoy! 🤗


Vegan Supper Club a Culinary Experience Beyond Meat

Further supper club events coming up soon. We cant wait to welcome and inspire you with unique dishes and imaginations that goes beyond meat. 

apricot dumpling + jujube + amaranth microgreen + black salt + noodle crisp

cashewrella + black garlic + sesame microgreen + lacinato kale + red beetroot dust

Lebanese inspired dessert with caramel infusion + roast pistachio

pea soup + macadamia cream spread + edamame + cumin foam + lacinato crisp + pancy

Fun Cheese and Dessert Making Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

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Fun Cheese and Dessert Making Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

Making cheese or spreads out of plant-based ingredients is possible and in fact very easy to create. Fermentation of cashew based cream spread creates the funky taste that we are looking for and it will remind you of cheeses you had in the past. This process is not a big difference compared to the fermentation of cows-milk cheese making, in fact it is the same adding probiotic to help developing healthy bacteria that helps to change the texture and taste of the product. 

We made sliceable cheddar cheee, fermented cashew cream spread and cheesecake ice cream using cashew cream spread served in a bread and so many more dishes. Sawww good! 


Walnuss und Karamell Pralinen Rezept Rohkost Vegan *with english subtitle*

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Walnuss und Karamell Pralinen Rezept Rohkost Vegan

Eines meiner beliebtesten Pralinen mit Walnuss und Karamell Geschmack! Super einfach, schnell und ohne Zusatz von Zucker oder Ölen –> Hier kannst du das volle Vegan Crush Rezept Video einsehen zum selber machen als super leckere Snack Option für Freunde und Familie! 😁😮👐😘


One of my favorite snacks Walnut Caramel Praliné. Super quick, easy and with no added zucker or oils. –> Check out the full Vegan Crush recipe version here to create a delicious snack option for friends and family! 😁😮👐😘 

with english subtitle*

Nut CHEESE and DESSERT Food Workshop Bangkok

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Today’s crew at our

Nut CHEESE and DESSERT Food Workshop

From creeamy nut spread cheese to cheesecake ice cream we had it aaall. VEGAN CRUSH food Workshop at its best with inspiring dishes and recipes that contain only few ingredients and easy techniques so you don’t have any excuses not to swing the wooden spooons! 😉 🌹

Cheddar Nut Cheese

Cashewrella Dessert 

Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop Bangkok

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CHEESE and DESSERT Workshop!

Get inspired and learn how to create delicious cheeses alternatives and desserts that you are going to loove! There will be 5 recipe demonstration and you get to taste all of them. You will experience different techniques and methods on how to create vegan cheese and desserts that pairs well together and tips and tricks on how to easily implement more healthy vibrant food into your diet without feeling a bit deprived!

Powered by Vegan Crush, Sunshine Market and Novamix Thailand

Start: 11am-1pm
Location: Novamix Thailand

FEE: 2,000.- Baht per person*
(Advanced payment by bank transfer** required to secure place)

Spaces are limited, so please register and pay early to avoid disappointment!

* Includes recipe hand-out and tasting of the dishes
**ask us for booking details :

Vegan Crush cuisine uses colorful, natural ingredients and supports local farmers whenever possible.


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Healthy Food Delivery with whole food and exciting unique blend of originals and fusion cuisine that are changing every week.

We are now developing flavorful varieties of nut cheeses that we will use to create creamy and unique dishes for the weekly food delivery service! 😀❤🙌

To make an order follow the 3 simple steps.

1. Fill out the questionnaire 2. Confirm your order 3. Receive your first health boost food delivery the following Monday!

🆓📣 FREE Energy Bliss Balls for first time customers. 

To reduce waist as much as possible we are using reusable food containers. Simply swap the empty containers with the new delivery each time. To get started click here and fill out the food questionnaire.

We are looking forward to support you with your health. 

Bob’s Red Mill Super-foods: Secrets to Longevity

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📣 Coming very sooon!

DON’T miss this fun and very unique OPPORTUNITY on the 2nd of May and find out all the secrets to longevity with Mr. Bob Moore himself at Sunshine Market in Bangkok starting at 10am! 

FREE Goodie bag and samples throughout the day! 😍😲

20% discount on all items at Sunshine Market ONLY on the 2nd of May! 👌

Presentation from Mr. Bob Moore founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods
Cooking demonstration by vegan chef Maricel Lukkanit with super exciting dishes aaaand sooo much more!

Can’t wait for that day to come! Super exciting! Yay!! 😄

Creating Vegan Japanese Cuisine with Thermomix

Vegan Cooking with Thermomix

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The menu for this event will be:

Avocado Onigiri
Nori Sushi
Ginger Tahini Noodle
Macha Cocoa Brownie
Black Sesame Ice Cream



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Publication from Khaosodenglish Magazin 

.. Eating clean and healthy is what the Raw Japanese food workshop by Vegan Crush is all about. Home delivery service Vegan Crush, who is hosting the event, describe it as a “fun culinary journey with scrumptious raw plant-based cuisine.” Their goal is to teach healthier food habits without being deprived of deliciousness… read the full article here

Cant wait to see you next Saturday 31st of March, starting at 11am – 1pm to create exciting and delicious dishes that will inspire you to start taking your diet back under control with quick and fun recipes that you can prepare ahead of time in no time! 🙂