Vegan Crush Meal Prep Cookbook by Maricel Lukkanit


Meal Prep Cookbook by Chef Maricel Lukkanit

Available language: English and German

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Vegan Crush first cookbook is here! Enjoy a recipe book and a meal planning program all in one. This book is straight to the point, concise, extremely efficient, and it offers everything you need to know about improving your meal planning skills while having fun.

What you will experience

  • 60 recipes featuring fusion and original food from East to West
  • Cultivate confidence in your kitchen
  • Exact macros and calorie control 
  • Establish a better relationship with plant-based cooking
  • You’ll gain new handy skills
  • Be more productive and efficient
  • With a solid program, it will be easier to stay motivated and excited about your new health journey
  • Feel happier and radiant from within


I primarily prepare meals for clients who are neither vegan nor vegetarian. They reduce their meat consumption by up to 75%, and some entirely switch to a plant-based diet, according to my observations. It demonstrates that it is all about food availability and variety. If plant-based food becomes more readily available and easy to procure, many people would choose it. The lack of variety in the kitchen is what most find to be an obstacle to a healthy lifestyle. With this cookbook, you’ll regain control of your nutrition while sampling fusion and original cuisine, and you’ll never get bored with your meals again.

Everything started ten years ago when I decided to change my diet. Quinoa and chia seeds, for example, were not well-known back then, as they are now. Creating whole plant-based foods that are delicious and satisfying is easier than you might think. Even more impressive is its ability to reverse and cure illnesses and diseases, many of which were considered incurable, as well as the wonderful effects that eating this way may have on other aspects of our life.

And after three months, start the program all over again. You will never get bored, as you create new and unique recipes every week. Pause and resume your program as you wish. It is as flexible as you need it to be: experience better health, a boost in energy, and an overall improvement in physical and mental strength. If we decide to eat fewer meals with meat and dairy each week, we can have a significant impact on our collective health and the health of the planet. 

This cookbook is a meal-prep recipe book and a 3-month program crafted into one. The meals are tasty, nutritious, and easy to make. From mouthwatering ratatouille with savory kofta bites to soul-soothing herbed tomato pasta with scrumptious protein balls and crazy chickpea curry, each dish has been crafted with love and attention to detail. One of the biggest misconceptions about the plant-based diet is that you will miss out on delicious flavors because of limited options. But it’s the other way round; you have more options and a variety of food choices. It is a never-ending journey of discovering new flavors, textures, and ingredients.