Forget what you know

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Imagine you live in a movie and the writer of the movie is now you. Most of your life has not been written by yourself but by many different authors. It’s time to write your own book. Forget everything that you thought existed for a moment and be like a newborn baby. You have the control of every belief that you allow yourself to have. We have been told that we can’t be certain ways like feeling young and vibrant when we grow old for example. Even the word “old” has this image that old means being sick. That’s not true. Our society shows that being sick is normal. It is part of our programming. You can stay fit, healthy, and young no matter how old you are. I know this may sound like a dream, it sounds unreal, doesn’t it? That’s because we’ve been fooled and we’ve been fooled so much that we can’t even embrace our true potential.

Our food is produced not to make us healthy, it is produced to make money and therefore it makes us sick. It is sad to know that the people in control are destroying people to achieve something that will only destroy themselves at the end. Cause you can’t ever be well if your people aren’t well. It’s just an illusion to think that you have it all while the rest don’t. We can truly only be whole once everyone is whole. And this starts by changing the way we nurture ourselves. This is the first fog we need to clear to see clearly and to realize that the only thing we need is us, the only thing that can rescue and heal you is you. You have the power and potential to do so.

We live on an abundant planet.

Keep an open mind. Only because you don’t understand now doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. There was once a time when you did not have the beliefs that you have right now and the only thing that happened was you allowed that thing to be part of your belief system. Educate yourself and never stop questioning. We are meant to be here to take care of each other, to support each other and to share our gifts and thrive on the passion and love from each other.

Never forget that, because one day it will be like that again and if you understand, start right now with yourself and strive to be the best version so you can be an example for other people. And; that is, the only way we can get there.

4 Tips on how to actively change your conditioned belief.