Hello, thank you for stopping by. I am Maricel a © 2016 Sung Studio-4620passionate vegan Chef and a long-term traveler from Germany. I have been always into cooking and exploring food but it became my passion only after I decided to become vegan. 

Why did I become vegan you might ask. I just love animals as simple as that. Ones I made the connection between our food consumption and animals I realized there is no difference between a dog, a cow, a pig, a fish or a human being. Only the fact, that the majority of people on this planet are not aware about food in general, what it contains, how it was made, where it comes from and what effect it has environmentally  which has a big impact for all of us, is worth a deeper insight about our food consumption. The majority of people are not aware about the fact that what you put in your mouth has a big influence for your body and well-being even though it is so logical and meaningful it is still ignored. So many people care more about what kind of gas they put in their cars or what kind of floor they put in their house instead of what they put in themselves to fuel their body. There was no other way for me than becoming vegan after gaining all that knowledge.

Food choices, is not about giving up something, it is about finding something better. During my travels I have collected my favorite recipes in each country from locals, vendors, restaurants and friends all over the world. I got inspired by many different and amazing markets. Everybody has their own cooking technique and you never stop learning. I cook very intuitively and I am not a by the book cook, or a stickler for measurements. My dishes keep changing based on things that im inspired by you can notice that in the posts and recipes over the time. On my blog, you will find a good number of vegan­ized fusion foods inspired by my travels and experiences. And yes, my recipes are great for meat­eaters and picky kids too! I like to keep it healthy and constantly strive to reduce the fat and sugar. 

Besides cooking I love traveling and exploring the world. I have quit my job sold everything I owned and traveled around the world for 5 years over 70 countries and territories, flown hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in all sorts of places. It has turned my life upside down and made me the person I am today. My goal is to inspire people with my lifestyle and delicious animal­ product free dishes that I create to keep myself healthy and energetic. Everything is possible if you want it you just have to take action and believe in what you do! I have learned so much and it broadens your mind, you start to see many things from a different perspective and understand more and more about this awesome world. Check out my videos down below for more travel stories! There was no timetable for my trip, so I ended up spending 3 month in Indonesia, 4 month in Nepal, 5 month in India, 3 month  in Dubai and so on. It is wonderful how different we are and at the same time equal, we all long for the same thing in life which is love. A place for you becomes amazing and beautiful only because of the people that surrounds you, just like in every other situation.


I visited 257 cities, slept in 315 different beds. More numbers coming up soon, really curious how many km I have behind me. 🙂 Live your life now don’t live it in the past or in the future, make it happen! Check out my videos because actions speak louder than words. Working on more videos so stay tuned on YouTube!  I hope I can inspire you and take you to my journey of a satisfying, healthy plant-based lifestyle. Love yourself.

I've been to 70 countries!!