Vegan Cheese Workshop

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Our last Cheese & Dessert Workshop with recipes that you wouldnt want to miss any more! 😊❤

Cheese fondue
Smooth cream cheese
Firm and sliceable cheddar cheese
Gooey vegetable cheese sauce
Tropical cream cheese parfait

Keep up for the next food workshop or book your 1:1 cooking class to learn more about healthy and super delicious dishes and alternatives or to build on your already existing skills.

Invest in yourself in every aspect of life because everything starts with you.

Vegan Raw Cheese Cooking Class

Vegan Raw Cheese Cooking Class

Vegan Raw Cheese Cooking Class

Vegan Raw Cheese Cooking Class


How to make Tempeh with White Beans from scratch

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How to make tempeh with white beans from scratch

Tempeh is originated from Indonesian, Java Island which is one of the very few soy products that are not originated from China. Traditionally tempeh is made with fermented soybeans and has a rich smoky and mushroomy flavor with a firm, nutty texture. Tempeh is famous among vegans and is used in dishes to replace meat because of its high protein content. Tempeh is a great way of adding more beautiful textures to your dishes. It is packed with nutrients and contains natural antibiotics produced by the Rhizopus molds.   

Instead of soybeans, I am using white beans in this recipe to do the tempeh. The beans I have used are U.S. pulses. In fact, you could use any kind of beans. It is a wonderful alternative to soy and the white beans provide a mild creamy flavor with an earthy, hearty taste perfect for salads or sautéed in with your favorite vegetables. 

The tempeh starter culture can be sourced from different health shops depending on your location. All you need is patience for this recipe and you will be greatly rewarded, I promise! 🙂 It is way better than store-bought, GMO-free and unpasteurized. 

I hope this recipe is helpful and it inspires you to create your own version of tempeh. 🙂

Organic White Bean Tempeh
Yields 2
How to make tempeh from scratch with white beans instead of soybeans.
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  1. 250g white beans
  2. 1 tsp tempeh starter
  3. 2 zip locker bags
  1. Soak the beans overnight (about 16hours). Drain and rinse with fresh water and dehull the beans by massaging it into the water until the hulls float up. Then pour them out and repeat. Dehull as many beans as possible. This step will be worth it as it will give you a really smooth and creamier consistency.
  2. Cook the beans in 400g of water for about 20min. It should be cooked but still crunchy. Ones the tempeh is done you will be cooking it again, so you want to make sure that it doesn't turn too soft.
  3. Drain the water and let it completely cool down.
  4. Add the tempeh starter and mix until well cooperated.
  5. Place the beans in 2 plastic bags about 12cm x 20cm (5"x8"). Using a toothpick or a skewer poke holes through the bag with 2cm (1-inch) intervals. The beans should be layered about 2cm (1-inch) thick. Divide the beans between the two bags. Seal the bags and flatten the beans out evenly. Leave the beans at a surrounding with a temperature between 25°- 30° (85-90 Fahrenheit) for 36 to 48 hours.
  6. After 24 hours, the white mycelium will start to cover the surface of the beans. You may want to lower the heat source because the beans will start generating their own heat as the mold grows.
  7. After 24 to 48 hours, the tempeh should smell pleasantly nutty. The tempeh is done when the entire surface is covered with dense, white mycelium and is bound together firmly as a cake.
  8. Transfer the tempeh cakes to airtight bags or containers and store in the refrigerator up to 1 week.
  9. You could also make a bigger batch and freeze your tempeh up to 3 months. Only make sure to steam your tempeh for 20min, let it cool down, wrap it in a container or plastic bag before placing in the freezer.
  1. Enjoy pan-fried with your favorite dip or in salads, curries, stews, pasta, and so many more dishes!
  2. When you make tempeh at home, it is always possible that some bacteria will sneak in and contaminate the whole batch. This bacteria could grow during the fermentation process, therefore, I recommend to process your tempeh by cooking, steaming, baking etc. before you consume it.
Vegan Crush - Chef Maricel Lukkanit

Kochen ohne Knochen Vegan Lifestyle Magazine Feature

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Schon mal ein super cremiges Auberginen Rezept ausprobiert ohne dieser typisch öligen Konsistenz? Falls nicht ist dies ab sofort ein MUST TRY für euch! Dieses Gericht könnt ihr ohne viel Aufwand kreieren und ihr werded sehen wie einfach es ist, Auberginen zu preparieren so, das es schon fast im Munde zerläuft! Das Rezept ist zu finden im aktuellen Kochen ohne Knochen Magazin und ist inspiriert aus meinen Reisen in China, kombiniert mit herzhaften Gewürzen aus Thailand. Ideal zu Reis, Quinoa oder als leichtere Variante perfekt zu grünen Salaten oder Blumenkohl Couscous! Yuuum!!


Have you ever tried a super creamy eggplant recipe without this typical oily consistency? If not this is a MUST TRY for you! This recipe will guide and show you how to effortlessly prepare eggplants so soft and creamy that it will almost melt in your mouth! Get the recipe in the new edition of Kochen ohne Knochen (cooking without bones) magazine inspired by my travels in China combined with vibrant spices from Thailand. Ideal in combination with rice, quinoa or for a lighter version with salads or cauliflower couscous! Yuum!!

Vegan Raw Dessert Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

Vegan, Cooking Class, Dessert

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Dessert Workshop with scrumptious and unique recipes!

Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting
Lemon Tart
Gooey Caramel Chocolate Cups
Cauliflower Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Cake

Indulge and enjoy in the healthy way! Using only beautiful raw whole ingredients that will satisfy eeevery taste but! 

Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop in Bangkok

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Our next CHEESE & DESSERT Workshop coming up soon!

Conscious eating made eeeasy!

Taste and experience exciting and unique cheese recipes hat you are going to loove! There will be 5 recipe demonstration and you get to taste aaall of them. You will experience different techniques and methods on how to create vegan cheese and desserts that pairs well together and tips and tricks on how to easily implement more healthy vibrant food into your diet without feeling a bit deprived!

Click here to make a reservation.


Vegan Shirataki Noodle in Teriyaki Mushroom Sauce Recipe, Gluten-Free

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Vegan Shirataki Noodle in Teriyaki Mushroom Sauce

Whip up this low carb, paleo & keto and gluten-free creamy shrooom noodle dish in only 15minutes!

These noodles are thin and translucent with a gelatinous texture. They’re made from konjac yam but mostly composed of just water and soluble fiber called glucomannan (5 grams of fiber per 100 grams of cooked noodles). These are a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. They also go by other names like konjac noodles, miracle noodles or konnyaku noodles. They’re effectively zero calories and carbs and since they’re sourced from yam, they’re inherently gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly, and keto-friendly. 

Shirataki noodles usually come pre-cooked and packed in water, so they only need to be rinsed and sometimes soaked quickly in hot water. They’re great for bulking up salads or to use in spring and sushi rolls!

Get started with this delicious mushroom pasta recipe. They soak up all the sumptuous flavors that are in the sauce leaving you with a comforting and satisfying meal for lunch or dinner. 🙂

Shirataki Noodle with Teriyaki Mushroom Recipe
Serves 2
A low carb and calorie pasta version that is comforting and super delicious!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
15 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 250g Shirataki Noodle (water packed)
  2. 100g Oyster Mushroom
  3. 2 Tbsp Thick Teriyaki Sauce
  4. 100g Coconut Milk
  5. 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
  6. Dash of Turmeric Powder
  7. Garnish
  8. Dried Seaweed
  9. Lemon Zest
  1. Trim the oyster mushrooms. Use a sharp knife to cut the tip off of the large, central stem that connects the oyster mushrooms together. Once the oyster mushrooms fall away, you can trim off the stems of each oyster mushroom. Discard the stems or save them to make a vegetable stock. Cut the mushrooms into thin slices and set aside.
  2. Prepare your shirataki by emptiying them out of the package and rinsing them well under warm water, cut the noodles into smaller strips with a scissor. Let it drain and set aside.
  3. In a pan under medium heat dry fry the oyster mushroom until it get crispy on the ouside. Add the thick teriyaki sauce, toss and let caramelized for 30sec. Now add the coconut milk and lemon juice, turmeric and simmer for about 30sec until the it turns into a thick and creamy sauce. Add the shirataki noodles and toss until noodles are all well coated.
  4. Garnish with dried seaweed and sprinkle with lemon zest!
Vegan Crush - Chef Maricel Lukkanit

Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop in Bangkok

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Awww what an amazing day at our last Vegan Crush cheese and dessert workshop! Thank you for letting me inspire you guys! And remember to always explore and create your own beautiful version!

Here is what we created!

🧀 Ricotta Cheese
🧀 Juicy Almond Pulp Chocolate Brownie
🧀 Cheese Ball Nuggets for Salads or Pasta Dishes
🧀 Almond Mozzarella 
🧀 Whipped Cream
🧀 Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

Vegan Cheese & Dessert Workshop feature at Guru Magazine Bangkok

Vegan Cheese & Dessert Workshop feature at Guru Magazine Bangkok

Uhhhh what a sweet surprise!

Our Vegan Crush Cheese & Dessert Workshop has been feature at Guru Magazin Bangkok.  ☀️💫

Cant wait to see you all tomorrow it’s going to be cheeeesy and gooeyy!! 

Next Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop at Steps with Theera

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Our next Cheese & Dessert Workshop with the following recipes:

 Ricotta Cheese
 Mac and Cheese
 Fried Cheese Nuggets
 Whipped Cream
 Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

If we have more time left there will be more recipes!

You will get to taste each dish and experience every step of plant-based cheese making which is a healthier option to the normal cheese as it is cholestrol-free, contains no saturated fat, safer for food allergies, doesnt contain hormones like regular cheese does aaaand it is suuuper convenient to make at home!

In fact the cheese making procedur isnt a big difference to the regular cheese making procedure by only replacing few ingredients and you´ll be able to create similar textures and that pungent flavor!

Cant wait to share these recipes with you! 😊🙌❤️☀️

Book your seat here


Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop Bangkok – Steps with Theera

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Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop Bangkok at Steps with Theera.

This is what happened yesterday! We made 6 recipes including 

  • Sliceable Smoked Paprika Cheese
  • Herbed Cream Spread
  • Cheesecake Bliss Balls
  • ParmVesan
  • ParmVesan Lavender Cookie
  • Cheesecake Ice Cream

Making cheese that is only made out of plant-based ingredients can be very quick and effortlessly with the right recipe. Ones you start getting the know-how of the bases regarding textures and flavors you will be hooked and you will start enjoying experimenting with your creations and the fermentation process! Get started and you´ll see how amazed you will be. We are planning another cheese & dessert workshop soon.

Sending LOVE to you aaall!