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Weekly Meal Prep Recipe Book by Chef Maricel Lukkanit

coming soon in August 2021

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Vegan Crush is launching its first cookbook! Enjoy a recipe book and a meal prep program in one. This book will guide readers on a 3-month meal prep program with 5 tasty and nutritious recipes and 10 meals once a week.

What you will experience

  • 60 recipes featuring fusion and original food from East to West
  • Cultivate confidence in your kitchen
  • With a solid program it will be easier to stay motivated and excited about your new health journey
  • Establish a better relationship with plant-based cooking
  • You’ll gain new handy skills
  • Be more productive and efficient
  • Track your macros and control your calorie and portion size easily
  • Feel happier and radiant from within


Throughout the years working as a personal chef, I cooked mostly for people who were not vegan or even vegetarians. But they have reduced their meat consumption up to 75% and some even completely transition to a vegan diet. It is all about the flavors and availability. This has inspired me to create this book so you can transform your life on your own with simple methods and delicious recipes.

Everything began when I started to change my diet 10 years ago. Back then, nobody knew about quinoa or chia seeds and etc., like we do today. When I left Germany in 2009 to travel, I had the opportunity to explore the vast varieties of vegan foods worldwide. Now I cook and educate people about how delicious vegan food can be without feeling deprivation. Creating whole plant-based foods that are delicious and satisfying is easier than you might think. Even more impressive is its ability to reverse and cure illnesses and diseases, many of which were thought to be incurable. As well as how eating this way can have positive impacts on other parts of our lives. 

And after the 3 months, start the program all over again. You will never get bored, as you create new and unique recipes every week. You will receive and experience best results if this program is followed consistently. Pause and resume your program as you wish. It is as flexible as you need it to be on a weekly basis. Cooking and serving food fresh is always best and of course always an option as well. Experience better health, a boost in energy and an overall improvement of physical and mental strength. If we decide to eat fewer meals with meat and dairy each week, we can have a huge impact on our collective health and the health of the planet. 

This book will guide readers on a 3-month meal prep program where you cook 5 recipes with 10 meals once a week. It is a recipe book and a weekly meal prep program! I have used this formula throughout the years with many of my clients and now I am very excited to finally share it with you. The meals are tasty, nutritious and easy to make. One of the biggest misconceptions about the plant-based diet is that you will be deprived of delicious flavors because of limited options. But it’s actually the other way round. If you know about them, you will have more options and varieties when you start eating this way.

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