Strawberry Cheesecake Raw Vegan

I haven’t had a Strawberry Cheesecake in ages, and I haven’t made one in even longer. Since Bangkok has been on fire with up to 37°C at the moment, I thought I need to make a refreshing sweet treat to keep it cool and cheesy. 🙂

I have also made a to die for Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie that you must try if you love pumpkins!

I am striving to be on a fully raw vegan diet as much as possible. It makes me feel replenished and simply juicy from the inside out, and I can only recommend you to strive to eat more high water content food. You will feel the difference in the most beautiful, rewarding way. A high water content raw vegan diet has so much to give. I believe that most of the reasons for age-related deterioration come from severe dehydration. Everything that we eat should have high water content. Our body can absorb the water from fresh fruits much better than the water from the tap or bottle. Anything low in water content only deprives the body of water so it can travel through your digestive tract and be eliminated. Sometimes it gets stuck, and that’s where issues start to accumulate. 

So keep it juicy, my friends and try this beautiful Strawberry Cheesecake raw vegan recipe; you won’t be disappointed. 


I’m excited to welcome you to my new online business, where I’ll be sharing my recipes in exchange for a small contribution to acknowledge my efforts. It’s only a tiny sum, and it’ll go a long way toward allowing me to continue developing delicious meals.

I am grateful for your support and faith.