Vegan Street Food Around the World

Foodhunting | 16/08/2015 | By

Vegan street food around the world is amazing! You won’t believe how many of them are actually plant-based. One of my favorite street food was in China and Taiwan. China in general has so many different varieties of seasonal food/dishes and it varies pretty much if you go to the north or to the south. They offer a lot of different Tofu dishes and steamed vegan buns which are really delicious. One of my favorite sweets are rice cake also called Mochi with different fillings. China got endless kind of vegan delicious street food really, you just need to be snoopy enough to find them. 

In Taiwan it is pretty easy to get along as a vegan. I really got a vegan crush with the spinach dumpling they where selling on the streets in Taipei. They also have this salty pancake with 10 different spices which where mouth-watering, never had something like that before. 

More pictures coming up soon!