Vegan Food Delivery Bangkok Review

Vegan Food is on the rise all over the world, especially in Bangkok. The more options there are the easier it is to make a conscious decision to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Guru Magazine by Bangkok Post reviewed our meal delivery and we got featured on the cover story. Wohoo!

Our favorite in the menu this week

Korean Rice Balls over Broccoli and Sprouted Bean Gravy. 

💡👉 Sprouting grains and legumes changes the nutritional profile, making their nutrients more readily available and possibly easier to digest.

How to? 🤔 The procedure of sprouting or germinating grains and legumes is by firstly soaking them in enough filtered water between 10-24hours. After that it needs to be rinsed and then kept in environments with controlled amounts of warmth and moisture to be nurtured just right so the germination can take place and new life can begin to evolve. 

This is why we always activate or sprout our grains and legumes for optimal nutrition. 🌱💪💥

The menu for this week:

🍉 Tasty Protein Spring Vegetable Stew over Mashed Roots
🍉 Luscious Braised Sesame Cabbage Bean Curd
🍉 Creamy Peanut Butter Spinach over Germinated Barley
🍉 Teriyaki Veggie Bowl over Red Bean Puree

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The recipes are a unique blend of originals and fusion food that are changing every week.

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