Vegetarian Festival Food Tour Guidance! The right experience!

For those of you who feel lost in this mass of vegan food offer out there let me guide you through this wonderful festival and take a closer look. It will be a culinary experience where I am going to explain what vegan food is all about while trying out different dishes and snacks in the markets. We will eat, drink and I will help you get more education in terms of plant-based food and you will understand why it is so essential to be conscious of what you are fueling your body with. Lets have a good time and enjoy colorful and scrumptious food! 

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Here is a quick video about the vegetarian festival in china town to get an idea of how it would be like.


Food Tour with Vegan Crush aka Maricel Lukkanit

Bang Krachao Bike Tour (บางกระเจ้า)

Noodle, pad thai, vegan thai food

Markets, VeganCrush | 25/01/2016 | By

A Bangkok Bike Tour of Bang Krachao (บางกระเจ้า) and Phra Pradaeng (พระประแดง) is one of the best things to do in Bangkok! It’s a great affordable attraction and offers not only some exercise from all the Thai street food, but also a time to relax and enjoy nature. We had such a rainy day but we still enjoyed the escapism of Bangkok City and had a relaxed bike tour which turned more into a coffee and food tour. You also find lots of vegan thai food choices such as pad thai, mango with sticky rice all time favorite and much more. 

Vegetarian Food Festival in Thailand

Markets, VeganCrush | 10/11/2015 | By

Vegetarian Festival (Thailand)

One of the best time of the year in Thailand is the Vegetarian Food Festival also called “Tesagan Gin Je” (pronounced “Jay Festival”) . It starts at the second week of october and last for 10 days. Chinatown is the gathering point for the festivities, and you will find rows of temporary stalls selling a wide variety of dishes from sweet cakes to noodle soups. Although it is called the vegetarian festival, the diet is strictly vegan, as the requirements include giving up all meat products for nine days as a way to cleanse your body. Rules also state that you should wear white from head to toe, but this is not as widely practiced outside temples. During this period you will see many yellow flags all around Thailand and that means the vendors are selling “Je” food which makes it much easier to spot the vegan goodies. Wish it could be that way all year-long. 


Vegan Food at Farmers Market in Bangkok

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The Farmers Market in Bangkok is happening every second weekend of the month and it has a lot of vegan food to offer. Beginning from humus, bread, fruit jam, fresh organic vegetables to chocolate nut spread and so much more! I love to stroll around in markets like this and explore vegan products. You´ll be surprise with some products, that’s actually vegan. For the location and more information´s check out the video and enjoy. 😊

Vegan Food at Urban Market, K-Village

Markets | 31/08/2015 | By

This beautiful Mall has many different events and Urban Market is taking place every last weekend of the month. They have different delicious and healthy vegan products. Besides food they also have clothes and accessories. I feel so lucky to be in Bangkok as here are so many markets and events happening  throughout the year. If you can’t be here don’t worry I´ll be happy to share my experiences with you. 😊