Shopping at A.J. Healthy Market

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Shopping at Baimiang Organic Store

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Food Shopping at Seacon Square – Part 1

Seacon Square Bangkok

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Another day another opportunity to explore one of many Malls here in Bangkok. I’m going to take you with me to Seacon Square Mall which is one of the biggest Mall in Bangkok and located at Srinakarin southeast of Bangkok.  You can basically get everything what a shopper’s heart desires. This time I will show you what kind of vegan food you can get there. Check it out! 

Vegan Shopping at Sunshine Market

This store is amazing! It is so small but it contains such a big variety of healthy and essential food. So many vegan products as well as raw vegan protein and egg substitute, Amaranth, Quinoa, Carob powder, vegan chocolate, cake, bread, yoghurt! The list is endless. I recommend this place for your next food hunting shopping tour and it’s definitely a vegancrush! 👍

Vegan Shopping at Lemon Farm

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In this video I am going to buy mock meat and other vegan meat substitute from an organic shop here in Bangkok. Meat Substitute is easy to find if you know where to get them. You can eat the Vegan Sausage and fish right away from the package. A great protein source delicious and easy to prepare. I’m also going to show you what I use to make my popular Energy Patty.