Cookbook update!!

VeganCrush | 11/06/2021 | By

All is going perfectly over here, and I have completed over 60 unique, lip-smacking meal prep recipes. Now it is in the final editing phase. If I may say so, this meal prep cookbook is my heart and soul, and the fruit of Vegan Crush Food Delivery that is now almost six years old!! 

This journey has taught me a lot, and growing from personal cheffing to a complete delivery service has been an amazing experience. I must confess that I am not a huge fan of writing recipes down. I believe that the most delectable and soul-satisfying foods are created when you cook with your heart and intuition. You are just in a completely different mind space when you cook this way. So, it is extra wild for me to write down recipes in general, but I have grown to love it.

Cooking plant-based comes with endless possibilities, and it inspires you to be creative once you tap into it. Some of the standouts in this cookbook include hearty homestyle pulled shrooms, deep savory tomato protein clusters, a chunky broccoli stew, juicy cauliflower cake over zesty quinoa aahhh, and so much more.

May this book serve as a catalyst for your creativity as well as a source of motivation and perseverance as you pursue your goals


Sending love, as always. xx