VEGAN Food Delivery Bangkok – Meal Preparation Delivered to you

VeganCrush | 29/06/2020 | By

Start off the week prepped like a boss. 😎 Brighten up your every day with glary health boosting meals freshly prepared and delivered to you every Monday’s. ☀️👌😋 We deliver in BANGKOK and outskirts. Meet the menu for this week.

🔥 Ridiculous Hearty Roots with Perky Herb Dumplings
🔥 Get Cozy Lentil Ragu Rigatoni
🔥 Puffy Japanese Sweet Potato Cake over Slaw
🔥 Ambrosial Coconut Milk and Dill Vegetable Stew
🔥 Luscious Seitan Corn Chowder over Miso Rice

Peep this awesomeness meal 🤩😋

Radiatore with Lentil Spice Creamlonesa

It is mouth-satisfactory with the first bite until the end! Packed with whole grain pasta, sprouted red lentil, spinach and a coconut cream base. Spiced up with our special 101 Middle Eastern Story blend and housemade dehydrated sweet cherry tomatoes. Sit back and relax and feel fit and energised afterwards.👌

Get started with a trial week in 3 EASY steps!

1. Fill out the questionnaire
2. Confirm your order
3. Receive your first health boost food delivery the following Monday!

🆓📣 Free Energy Bliss Balls for first time customers.

We use reusable food containers to reduce waste as much as possible. Just swap the empty containers and bag with the new delivery each time. 🌍♻️

The recipes are a unique blend of originals and fusion food that are changing every week.