Vegans only eat Salad

Restaurants | 24/09/2015 | By

Vegans only eat Salad.. I got this question very often “What do you eat as a vegan besides of salads?”. If they only knew. So many people dont know about this. For those of you who didnt know, in fact vegans can eat everything like pizza, pasta, cake, chips, cookies, burger. There is a vegan version for verything you can think of. Veganism doesn’t mean restricting yourself and resign from delicious food. It means caring for you and for others. You just need to be open about it and try it out, you dont have nothing to loose but so much to win!

Veganerie is a vegan bakery coffee shop located in the heart of the city in Bangkok at ChitLom BTS station on the 4th floor of Mercury Ville Mall. Guess what, they don’t offer salad but they do offer a huge variety of cake, ice-cream, parfait, breakfast, bread and so much more. This is by far my favorite vegan bakery coffee shop in Bangkok! They also have a small store located at HelixQuartier check it out over here ->