5 Trending Vegan Foods & Beverages

In today’s dynamic world, fads and trends constantly come and go, and this certainly rings true when it comes to food & beverages. Last year, trends such as cruffin (a croissant muffin hybrid), avocado on toasts and cold brew coffee appears to be rampant and foodies all over the globe enthusiastically got on board before they are considered no longer “in”.

Inevitably, 2016 comes with a new set of trends. With many vowing to *finally* be in their best health & fitness of their lives in the new year, we believe that more and more people will forgo their meat eating ways and adopt the vegan way of life that has experienced a continuos rise in popularity for the past several years.

With veganism increasingly becoming widely accepted, a review (from EcoWatch) has mentioned that more food lovers are opting healthy and natural food products instead of highly processed and packaged. Hence it’s no surprise that the demands for vegan and plant-based diet plans have soared. With that, here are 5 of current trending vegan foods and beverages you may want to give a go today!

(Green) Smoothies green smoothie

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If you’ve been wanting to take on a healthier dietary lifestyle but are not a huge fan of greens, why not try juicing & blending your veggies a try? We happen to love green juices because it allows us to get the fiber, vitamins, and a chock full of wholesome nutrients we need each day in just one cup! Not only they serve as fuel-to-go breakfasts, they’re also perfect to be indulged as an afternoon snacks or dessert. For extra sweetness, you can also add your favorite fruits into the mix such as bananas, apples, avocados, berries or mangoes, whatever rocks your boat! If you haven’t already done so start blending your way to a more nutritious lifestyle!

Overnight oats in a jar

Oats in a jar

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Instead of reaching for the usual sugary cereal and instant oats in box, we urge you to make your switch to the overnight oats in a jar. These creamy and delicious delights are just oats left soaked overnight typically with milk and yogurt – definitely a great way to start the morning! Aside from milk and yogurt, you can also add and mix it up with fruits, chia seeds and nuts to give it an extra texture and taste. By using simple and fresh ingredients, these jars of goodness are also so simple to whip up!

Raw truffles


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Forget those processed snack cakes and junk foods and replace them with these mouthwatering raw truffles option instead. These creamy and decadent truffles are much more satisfying and a healthier alternative for desserts that you will not feel an ounce of regret when taking a bite into them. Though they may seem complicated to create, you will be surprised that these sweet treats take only 2 to 5 ingredients and a few minutes to whip up (depending the type of truffles you would like to make)! With such a simple recipe, there is no excuse for you to not try it out! Share them with your friends and family for these oh so fancy and delicious-looking truffles are also wonderful to be given as gifts!



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For a while, Kale has been the go-to “it” greens but apparently, Kelp is soon taking its reign! According to Mother Earth News, these greens from the sea are known to be a major source of iodine, which are necessary minerals for our bodies. Thanks to its health benefits and its delicious taste, this hip and healthy super food has been rising in popularity.The great news is that it’s versatile. You can add them to soups or salads, for an extra depth of flavor and texture or replace your favorite noodles with kelp. Just so you know, vegan kelp noodle salad is currently amongst one most popular & highly recommend dish that all food lovers should dig into!

Coconut  coconut

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From coconut butter and oil, to coconut sugar and coconut milk, we’ve noticed that there is a craze for coconut going around. If you don’t believe us, you can easily do a quick google search and we’ll bet that you’ll find an abundance of vegan (and non-vegan) recipes that includes the use coconut all across the web. Here’s an interesting coconut fact: According to One Green Planets, they serve as proteins for your body and are great source for amino acids and iron! To start, we’ll definitely be making replacing our refined white sugar with coconut sugar and our regular cooking oil to a much healthier extra-virgin coconut cooking oil. What about you?