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healthy meal delivery Bangkok

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Our meal prep meals are the most convenient way to start the year off on your new exciting health journey. Have nutritious health boosting meals ready for the week without even thinking about food.

This weeks menu:

🌱 Whole Green Mung Bean Coconut Curry
🌱 Savory Chana Dal Risotto and Roasted Slit Pea
🌱 Scrambled Tofu with Spinach on Carotene Rice
🌱 Light Morning Glory Kale Stew on Taro Puree
🌱 Sauteed Winter Melon and Roast chicpeas on Spinach Hummus

Get started with a trial week in 3 EASY steps!

1. Fill out the questionnaire
2. Confirm your order
3. Receive your first health boost food delivery the following Monday!

We use reusable food containers to reduce waste as much as possible. Just swap the empty containers and bag with the new delivery each time. 🌍♻️

FREE Energy Bliss Balls for first time customers.

The recipes are a unique blend of originals and fusion food that are changing every week.



healthy meal delivery Bangkok

Vegan Food Delivery Bangkok