Next Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop at Steps with Theera

Events, VeganCrush | 30/07/2018 | By

Our next Cheese & Dessert Workshop with the following recipes:

 Ricotta Cheese
 Mac and Cheese
 Fried Cheese Nuggets
 Whipped Cream
 Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

If we have more time left there will be more recipes!

You will get to taste each dish and experience every step of plant-based cheese making which is a healthier option to the normal cheese as it is cholestrol-free, contains no saturated fat, safer for food allergies, doesnt contain hormones like regular cheese does aaaand it is suuuper convenient to make at home!

In fact the cheese making procedur isnt a big difference to the regular cheese making procedure by only replacing few ingredients and you´ll be able to create similar textures and that pungent flavor!

Cant wait to share these recipes with you! 😊🙌❤️☀️

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