Fermented Cashew Cheese


Just the beginning of many other vegan cheese options and this is an easy start, using cashews to make this funky and sliceable herbed cheese. It’s so much better to make your own.

Also the health benefits of letting go dairy cheese will change your life forever.


Learn how to make different vegan cheeses like mozzarella, cheddar, or grateable parmesan and so much more from scratch. Sign up here and have access to my online vegan cheese cooking class and so many more exciting classes like vegan baking, chocolate, Italian cuisine, authentic Thai cuisine and so much more for only 35$.



Online Vegan Cooking Class

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Online Cooking Class – Delicious Vegan Meals made easy!

One of the biggest misconception about the plant-based diet is that you will be deprived of delicious flavors because of limited options. But it’s actually the other way round. You will have more options and varieties, if you know how to.

Creating whole plant-based foods that are delicious and satisfying is easier than you might think. Even more impressive is it’s ability to reverse and cure illnesses and diseases, many of which were thought to be incurable. As well as how eating this way can help benefit other prominent areas of our lives.

Contact me directly for online cooking class details.


Raw Vegan Cooking Workshop

Vegan Cooking Class in Bangkok

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Are you curious how to make heart-healthy pasta dishes, vegan cheese or raw dessert that taste and feels sensational?

Learn and enjoy the art of fantastic raw vegan cuisine and the varieties of easy-to-prepare recipes that you will love.

This Workshop includes raw vegan pasta dishes, dessert and cheese. There will be 5 recipe demonstrations and you will experience the basics of cheese making, different techniques and methods on how to create luscious pasta and a dessert that you will indulge on. After the class you will know how to easily implement more healthy vibrant food into your diet without feeling a bit deprived.

Who will benefit from this workshop?
Anyone interested in improving their health, wellbeing, diet transitioning, conscious plant-based raw food.

Click here to reserve your spot.

Raw vegan cooking workshop bangkok, thailand

Learn and Thrive Series

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I am excited to announce that I have created a fun LEARN and THRIVE Series on YouTube to support and inspire you with your overall well being. 

This series will be all about conscious eating and developing a healthy mind and a lifestyle that you desire.
There will be fresh videos published on YouTube every SECOND day with topics that I will go through based on your questions and interest. It has already started and will be consistent until 25th of August.
NOW are you ready to THRIVE with me? 🙂


Conscious Food Creation at BodyConscious Bangkok

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Conscious food creating workshop at BodyConscious Bkk sharing the secrets of recipes that are nurturing beyond the body that even kids will love.

You will not only learn how to create scrumptious dishes but also you will get to know more insights about the power of conscious food choices which can boost your health to another level. If you are looking to have your diet more under control and receive the foundation of nurturing recipes that you can build on by the time than this food workshop is for you. 

Keep improving.

Next food workshop coming up soon. Dates and details will be published on Facebook and Instagram


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