Next Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop at Steps with Theera

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Our next Cheese & Dessert Workshop with the following recipes:

 Ricotta Cheese
 Mac and Cheese
 Fried Cheese Nuggets
 Whipped Cream
 Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

If we have more time left there will be more recipes!

You will get to taste each dish and experience every step of plant-based cheese making which is a healthier option to the normal cheese as it is cholestrol-free, contains no saturated fat, safer for food allergies, doesnt contain hormones like regular cheese does aaaand it is suuuper convenient to make at home!

In fact the cheese making procedur isnt a big difference to the regular cheese making procedure by only replacing few ingredients and you´ll be able to create similar textures and that pungent flavor!

Cant wait to share these recipes with you! 😊🙌❤️☀️

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Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop Bangkok – Steps with Theera

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Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop Bangkok at Steps with Theera.

This is what happened yesterday! We made 6 recipes including 

  • Sliceable Smoked Paprika Cheese
  • Herbed Cream Spread
  • Cheesecake Bliss Balls
  • ParmVesan
  • ParmVesan Lavender Cookie
  • Cheesecake Ice Cream

Making cheese that is only made out of plant-based ingredients can be very quick and effortlessly with the right recipe. Ones you start getting the know-how of the bases regarding textures and flavors you will be hooked and you will start enjoying experimenting with your creations and the fermentation process! Get started and you´ll see how amazed you will be. We are planning another cheese & dessert workshop soon.

Sending LOVE to you aaall!   


Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop Bangkok

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Another Vegan Cheese and Dessert Workshop with NEW recipes!

Conscious eating made eeeasy!

Get inspired and learn how to create delicious cheeses and desserts that you are going to loove! There will be 5 recipe demonstration and you get to taste aaall of them. You will experience different techniques and methods on how to create vegan cheese and desserts that pairs well together and tips and tricks on how to easily implement more healthy vibrant food into your diet without feeling a bit deprived!

Cant wait to welcome you soon! 😘🙌

Nut CHEESE and DESSERT Food Workshop Bangkok

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Today’s crew at our

Nut CHEESE and DESSERT Food Workshop

From creeamy nut spread cheese to cheesecake ice cream we had it aaall. VEGAN CRUSH food Workshop at its best with inspiring dishes and recipes that contain only few ingredients and easy techniques so you don’t have any excuses not to swing the wooden spooons! 😉 🌹

Cheddar Nut Cheese

Cashewrella Dessert 

Vegan Cooking Class in Bangkok

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Ending a very fun cooking class with students from Malaysia.

IMMERSE yourself and EXTEND your KNOW HOW on how to create your own unique signature dishes and RECIPES!

Let’s put hands on and create delectable dishes that are bursting in flavors! Learn how effortlessly healthy eating can be and how much better it can become when you start developing your own dishes that you can share with others.

Through a 1:1 masterclass cooking session you’ll experience an extensive understanding about the tastiest nutritional dishes that will stir up everything you knew before leading you to become a confident cook in your kitchen!

Recipes and dishes are designed to support you being more productive in the kitchen with smart and quick formulas that can be done by cooks of all skills!


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raw vegan scramble egg