Raw Vegan Workshop at Veganerie in Bangkok

Raw Food, VeganCrush | 13/07/2016 | By

Raw Vegan Workshop in Bangkok at Veganerie with co-host Healthy Living by Bud. We had an amazing time and there was raw vegan spaghetti with Vegan Crush signature beetroot sauce, maca and cocoa energy balls. My beautiful co-host prepared a delicious Thai style guacamole. Really quick and delicious recipes to easily implement living food in to your body everyday! The energy balls are great to prepare and last for 3 weeks. You can even store them in the freezer and it´ll last longer. Take them with you and replace it as a in-between snack instead of snickers and co. for the afternoon when you need that little boost of energy. Another way to implement more raw food in your body is to make yourself a smoothie in the morning. Simply freeze ripe bananas (you can’t have enough of that in the freezer). I always use it as the base for all the smoothies I do and you can add kale some chia or flex seeds to have you covered up with enough omega 3 fats, protein and fiber. Blend it together with water until you have the consistency you prefer and there you go. Have different variations every day and it will keep you satisfied and full until lunch time. You can also replace the smoothie with a meal. Make a smoothie bowl and top it up with your favorite nuts and dried fruits! There are so many variation you can do. Just make the first step and give it a try! 

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