Jaipur, India’s Pink City – Vegan Food

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Tasting of Jaipur

Like many cities in India, Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is a very chaotic place. I love the loud colorfulness here! The forts have such charm and idyll. You have to watch out for the monkeys though, they are everywhere and try to grab anything they can. Such great scenery with amazing elephants and colourful ladies. I recommend the Babu Bazaar Market. It is a great place to shop or just walk around and be inspired by the smell and beautiful fabrics.

I went to a vegan Restaurant and tried out the Dosa which was flavorful and crispy. This definitely became one of my favorite. For dinner I had Dhal Bhat which is always delicious and comes with different curries, pickles, rice, vegetables. The Naan is the best part, oh my gosh I could eat this every day!

Another vegan yummy stuff was this in-between snack from the vendor who sold fried mush potatoes and some desserts made from sweet potato. I just love indian cuisine its so various, rich, mouth-watering and tasty, its hart to beat it!