Chocolate Donut Raw Vegan

For everyone looking for a no-bake raw vegan Chocolate Donut alternative, you are on the right page! This recipe will provide you with a satisfyingchewy, and real chocolate divine experience without feeling guilty. The glaze is sexy; the donuts are moist and flavourful, the whole package is a winner!

With this recipe, you only need a food processor, no molds or dehydrator necessary. Pretty straightforward as I like to keep it.

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I am using coconut syrup for this Chocolate Donut recipe as it is easily available here in Thailand. It might not be easy to find where you are. Use what you have. Instead, you can use maple syrup, agave, or another sweetener. 

This Chocolate Donut recipe calls for apples. I have found some beautiful fuji apples, but you can swap them with similar sweet, crunchy apples instead. 

And don’t forget, the taste and quality of your food are influenced by your energy too. That means if you have loving thoughts and joy while creating, it will be more beneficial for you and your family. It is called food vibration. We cant see it but, we can certainly feel and taste it.